Mountain Bike Vacation Mexico

Experience ALL Of Oaxaca’s best on this Oaxaca Mountain Bike Vacation

Our 11-day mountain bike vacation Mexico is one of Mountain Biking’s best hidden secrets. This mountain bike vacation package is a mix of biking the world’s best singletrack trails through the magical mountains of Oaxaca, discovering Mexico’s most delicious food, and then spending 2.5 days swimming with dolphins, deep sea fishing and relaxing on the quiet and spectacular beaches of Oaxaca.

The beautiful state of Oaxaca is home to 16 active indigenous languages, 400+ species of mushrooms, Mayan ruins, cave systems, beaches, turquoise waterfalls, oh, and the most unique and legendary singletrack we have seen for some time. So come treat-yourself, help support local communities, sip mezcal, experience the aroma of an Oaxacan eatery, ride Mexico’s best singletrack mtb trails, swim with dolphins and discover why the world is raving about Oaxaca


Eat homemade Molé in the home of a local Oaxacanian after shredding all day!

Discover the mysterious loamy forests and star wars like deserts of Oaxaca.

Mountain Bike Oaxaca’s longest downhill, Mil Rios, boasting over 1250 m of unparalleled descent.

Swim with dolphins and sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean after 5 days of unforgettable Mountain Biking.

Discover all the culture, geography, peoples and singletrack trails of Oaxaca.



From $2,995


11 Days / 10 Nights



10 nights / 11 days

Total Distance:

105km / 75mi

Total Descent:

7,620m / 25,000ft

Trip Dates


  • Nov 3-13, 2023 ($2,995, 4+ spots)
  • Nov 19-29, 2023 ($2,995, 4+ spots)


  • Jan 21-31, 2024 ($2,995, 4+ spots)
  • Jan 28-Feb 7, 2024 ($2,995, 4+ spots)
  • Feb 11-21, 2024 ($2,995, 4+ spots)
  • Mar 10-20, 2024 ($2,995, 4+ spots)

*Prices are per person, double occupancy. A single supplement is available by request.

*Custom dates available in March, October, November, December.

*Group Size: Min 3, Max 8


Clients will arrive at Oaxaca airport and be greeted by the 2Wheel staff. Who will then take you to your accommodations and help you get your bike built and ready for your Oaxaca mountain bike tour. Then guests will have the afternoon to discover the magical city of Oaxaca before we have a trip orientation dinner at 7:00pm and assure that all guests are ready for their Mexico mountain bike trip!

Our mountain bike vacation Oaxaca must start with getting to know the stunning, yet quaint city of Oaxaca. This town is absolutely magical, filled with incredible art, farm fresh food and wonderful people; and we want our guests to start to get to know the heart of Oaxaca asap! So our first morning we will start with a breakfast in one of the local markets, then we will head to the local Oaxaca mountain bike trails and start our bike trip. 

  • Distance: 10.2 km /  8 miles 
  • Ascent 125 m / 350 ft 
  • Descent 2000 m / 6,500ft 
  • Lodging: Hotel in Oaxaca
  • Food included: B, L, D, Snacks

Oaxaca’s mountain bike scene has been blowing up for the past decade, and at its heart is Ixtepeji Mountain. The Ixtepeji mountain is 10,000ft mountain that is covered in native pine and insidious trees and is held together by a soft and loamy soil that is picture perfect for mountain biking. Furthermore, the indigenious communities have allowed mountain bikers to begin to develop a true trail network that is slowly becoming a world famous mountain bike destination, and is a perfect example of how mountain biking is helping to stimulate local communities.    

Today will be our first of 3 days riding in the Ixtepeji mountain, and guests will get a flavor of the spectacular trails of Ixtepeji. Today guests will see all different kinds of trails, obstacles, jumps,

  • 7:00 Transport to Sierra Juárez (1 hour y 20 minutes) Breakfast
  • Warm up
  • 4-8 trails: Ola Hawaiana, Jabalí, Carbonera, Cerezo, Raíces Epic Trail: Llano Carreta
  • 20:00 Dinner

This morning Clients will have the opportunity to arise early and hike to a viewpoint where they will watch the sunrise over the cloud forests of Oaxaca. This one of the most spectacular places in the world to watch the sunrise and we highly suggest that clients take this opportunity.

Today will be our third day of riding in a row, and we will be tackling some of the bigger and more technical mtb trails of Oaxaca, so make sure you eat a good breakfast. We will warm up with some of the fun and flowy shorter trails in Ixtepeji such as the Cabeza de Vaca and the Venado, before we set off to ride the 5,400 foot downhill that is El Toro! El Toro is Oaxaca’s premier big dog trail and is steep, rocky and a little exposed. This trail leaves most riders with white knuckles and a huge smile on their face, we promise you won’t forget this one!!

After riding we will be taking all of our belongings and return to the city of Oaxaca to have an incredible dinner in the city center. 

  • 5:00 Sunrise Hiking & Riding photo session*optional Breakfast
  • 5 trails: Martínez, Tierra Negra, Venados, Cabeza de vaca. Epic trail: El Toro                  
  • 20:00 Dinner @ Oaxaca City

This is the halfway point of your Mexico mountain bike vacation, and today will be dedicated to rest and cultural learning. The state of Oaxaca is an absolute explosion of culture and it would take years to familiarize yourself with all the different food, mezcal, natural wonders and ruins that riddle this beautiful area. This will be our day to go to explore three of the many incredible attractions that Oaxaca has to offer. We spend the morning and Hierve Agua, a natural spring that is full of beautiful pools, a secret waterfall and then will spend the afternoon having a tasting and lunch at one of Oaxaca’s most famous and delicious Mezcal distilleries. Clients will then have the evening free to discover the city and get ready for another day of epic riding in the morning! 

  • 7:00 Early morning visit to Hierve el Agua Breakfast
  • Trails at the Hierve – Salinas
  • Visit to a Secret waterfall
  • 16:00 Mezcal tasting and lunch at a distillery 

This morning guests will pack all of their belongings, head out  on a 2.5 hour drive to the famous and charming town of San Jose Del Pacifico. There we will have an incredible dinner in the Terraza de La Tierra and spend the night before heading to the beach in the morning!

  • Free afternoon (options available: yoga, hiking, meditation) 20:00 Dinner in the Terraza de la Tierra  

You will awake in the cloud forests of San Jose del Pacifico and start your morning with a warm cup of fresh Oaxacan coffee. This area is known for its diverse forests, edible mushrooms, peaceful energy and world-class views that extend all the way to the Ocean. If guests would like, we can schedule a small bike ride, yoga session, hike or simply just enjoy the picturesque views from San Jose del Pacifico in the morning before we head to the beach.

We will be leaving San Jose del Pacifico at 11 o’clock and head for a 3 hour drive to some of Oaxacas best and most pristine beaches! The guests will have the afternoon to enjoy go snorkeling, settle in and relax on the beach, we will be having a late dinner and the stunning Punta Zicatela in Puerto Escondido.

  • 8:00 Yoga* optional
  • 9:00 Breakfast
  • Ride down to the beach + 1 trail
  • Swimming + Sunset at La Punta
  • 21:00 Dinner at Punta Zicatela, Puerto Escondido

This will be the first full day we have on the beaches of Puerto Escondido. This area is known by most beach goers as some of the most laid back beaches in the area and is home to some of the largest populations of dolphins, humpback whales and famously known for its large hatch of sea turtles that happens every winter. Furthermore this area holds some of the most pristine and deserted beaches in all of Mexico, giving you the most relaxing and exclusive beach experience. Clients will spend early morning swimming with dolphins and turtles before we have an incredible early lunch. Then clients will have the day to themselves to relax and enjoy the because of Oaxaca. 

Beach activities such as relaxing in peace, swimming in the ocean with dolphins, snorkeling, surfing, shopping, tanning and just living your best life. 

This will be our last day on the beach, and the last full day of your Mountain Bike Vacation Oaxaca. We are going to wrap up the day swimming in the ocean, eating incredible food and packing our bikes and equipment to get prepared for your departure. In the evening we will have a farewell dinner (on us!) and share our favorite memories from your mountain bike vacation Oaxaca!!! 

Departure Day: 

Guests will be taken to the airport by our 2Wheel Staff.

Today you will wake up on the beach, pack your bike and say goodbye to your 2Wheel Epix Family! Your guides will drop you off at the Airport and make sure you are 100% ready to go. 

mountain bike vacation mexico


Our Mountain Bike Vacation Mexico is built for intermediate to advanced riders. The mountain bike trails in Oaxaca are a mountain biker’s dream come true, fast, flowy, moderate tech and littered with natural features; the Oaxaca mtb trails are deep canals that mimic bobsled tracks and make bikers feel like they are in star wars (seriously). Mountain bikers can expect to ride roots, rock gardens, drops, jumps and steeper sections, but the majority of the Oaxaca mountain bike trails are flowy and handbuilt for biking. *These trails are very friendly for intermediate riders looking to step up their riding level! 

Secondly this mountain bike trip mexico is built for mountain bikers that are looking to treat themselves to 5 days of epic mountain biking AND 2.5 days on the peaceful and dreamy beaches of Oaxaca. This is a perfect mountain bike vacation for people who want to experience a little bit more than just mountain biking on their vacation!


  • 5 days of fantastic singletrack mountain biking
  • 10 nights of accommodation
  • Airport shuttle and all ground transportation.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole trip, and ride snacks.
  • Shuttle vehicles, drivers, guides and entrance fees into national parks for all ride days
  • 24/7 attention and support
  • Experienced, local, and bilingual guides on days of riding and for cultural activities as well.
  • Full guided tour of Mezcal distillery of the astounding Monte Alban Ruins (including entrance fee).
  •  2Wheels bike jersey.


  • 11-day trip, 5 days of riding 3 Days of epic beach living!
  • 3 different riding locations (Ixtepeji, Etla, Oaxaca City proper)
  • 3 different Hotels ( 3 nights Cabañas and 4 nights in a Hotel, and 3 nights in private house on the beach)
  • Will ride over 60 miles and over 35,000 vertical feet of descent
  • Experience all aspects of the Oaxacan Culture, the food, the art the people and of course the biking!
  • All meals included a mix of Gourmet restaurants to the homes of locals, but all very safe and delicious!
  • Swim with dolphins, turtles, deep sea fishing!

Bike Riding:

  • Shuttle rides with average of 3,000ft of descent and 750ft of ascent per trail.
  • Clients will ride an average of 7,000ft of descent and 13mi a day.
  • Trails are a mix of old agriculture routes and hand built trails.
  • Flowy sections, rock gardens, steeps, long ridges, small climbs and big descents
  • Mix of softer humid loam and desert type dirt.
  • Very forgiving (not exposed, softer dirt and not a large abundance of rocks).

Cultural Activities:

  • Mezcal tour and tasting at a small family owned mezcal distillery.
  • Do a city bike tour looking at all the street art of Oaxaca.
  • Visit an artisan workshop and meet the people behind the art.
  • Swim with dolphins, turtles, whales.
  • Deep sea fishing, snorkeling, 
  • Visit a sustainable farm and cook with local Oaxacan women.

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