Mountain Bike Tour Mexico, Oaxaca:
Epic Enduro Trails, Delectable Food, and an Exuberant Cultural

Experience Oaxaca on this Mexico Mountain Bike Trip

This Guided Mountain Bike Tour Mexico is what we consider to be the perfect week long mountain bike tour! The ideal mix of delectable food, epic enduro mountain biking, relaxation, culture and pure enjoyment in one of the world’s best mountain bike destinations, Oaxaca México.

This Mountain Bike Tour Mexico takes place in the Oaxaca Valley, tucked away in the incredibly diverse Sierra de Madre mountains, it is slowly becoming one of the world’s best mountain biking destinations, and it’s understandable why. Oaxaca is surrounded by Mexico’s most mountainous regions, home to over 24 different indigenous peoples, ridden with Aztecan ruins, overflowing with farm fresh cuisine, and is home to thousands year old singletrack trails.

The flow of the mountain biking in Oaxaca paired with the deliciousness of the food and the diversity of its people will leave mountain bike travelers begging for more!


Finish everyday’s mountain bike ride with the best meal of your life!

Bike down thousand year old agricultural footpaths.

Sleep in the pristine pine forest of the Sierra Madre Mountains

Visit a 6 generacion old mezcal distillery and taste up 20 different types of mezcals

Rediscover a different side of Mexico on this Mountain Bike Tour Mexico.

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7 nights/ 8 days

Total Distance:

105km / 75 Miles

Total Descent:

7,620m / 25,000ft

Trip Dates

February: 12-19, 2023 (6 Spots)
February: 19-26, 2023 (8 Spots)
March: 3-10, 2023 (8 Spots)
Custom dates available in certain months.
*There must be three people for this trip to run


Guests will be welcomed at the airport by the 2Wheel staff, and will be taken to their accommodation to build their bike and get settled in. There will be a brief orientation for your upcoming Mexico mountain bike trip, then clients will have the opportunity to discover the city of Oaxaca and get ready for their epic 6-day guided Oaxaca mountain bike trip!!

Accommodation: Hotel in Oaxaca

Ixtepeji is a wonderous mountain that sits above Oaxaca at 10,500 feet and holds within it a pine and insidious forest that is home to a plethora of epic mountain bike trails. This trail system is a perfect intro to the singletrack trails in Oaxaca and filled with loamy singletrack, playful features, and incredible views. The Ixtepeji trail builders have put in hundreds of hours of work to be able to develop an absolutely stunning trail system, and their hard work shows. Trails like the Cerezo and Llano Carreta will blow your mind with their Star Wars like canals that rip down the pine forests of Ixtepeji. This will also be the first day of our Mexico mountain bike holiday that guests will discover the gastronomy of Oaxaca and begin to discover why this is one of the food capitals of the world!

  • Distance: 14.4 km / 9 miles
  • Ascent 125 m / 350 ft
  • Descent 2000 m / 6,500ft
  • Lodging: Cabanas at Ixtepeji
  • Food included: B, L, D, Snacks

Guests will have the option (highly recommended) to rise early and see an unforgettable sunrise above the cloud forests of Ixtepeji. After an incredible Mexican breakfast full of huevos rancheros and chocolate caliente clients will head back to the Ixtepeji trail system to claim all the epic trails that we left behind the day before. Clients will continue to ride some more technical trails in preparation for one of the most epic trails of their Oaxaca mtb holiday, El Toro! El Toro is an insane 1000-meter ridgeline descent that tunnels its way down through the forests of Ixtepeji and will have you hooting and hollering the whole way down!

  • Distance: 14.4 km / 10 miles 
  • Ascent 300 m / 1000 ft 
  • Descent 2000 m / 6,700ft 
  • Lodging: Cabanas at Ixtepeji
  • Food included: B, L, D, Snacks

The third day of our Mountain Bike Tour Mexico clients will pack their bags before they head to a later breakfast and then get ready for another day of 2Wheel Epix! We will start the day with a quick warm up on the Llano Carreta before we set off with the intention of riding over 3,500m of descent on the three giants of Ixtepeji! The Llano Carreta, Peña Prieta, and Punta Piedra are the three EPIC trails in the area and each extend over 6km and 1,000m of vertical descent. 

After a mind-blowing day of riding guests will descend back into the city of Oaxaca for the remainder of their trip. This night guests will be treated to an incredible dinner at one of Oaxacas world renowned restaurants, to eat farm fresh food with craft cocktails made from the world’s best ingredients. 

  • Distance: 19 km /  12 miles 
  • Ascent 125 m / 350 ft 
  • Descent 2500 m / 8,400 ft 
  • Lodging: Hotel in Oaxaca
  • Food included: B, L, D, Snacks

Our third day of our Oaxaca bike trip will be a more local day in the city of Oaxaca and will allow guests to rest a tiny bit while experiencing the true heart of Oaxaca. We will start the morning early with a visit to the incredible breakfast markets of Oaxaca, where clients will truly immerse themselves in the food paradise that is Oaxaca and watch each separate cook take fresh, farm to table ingredients crafted into hundred-year-old recipes that are to die for! After a mind-blowing breakfast we will ride some of the local Oaxaca trails before an evening visit to the stunning and historic Monte Albán ruins (add info about ruins). 

  • 7:00 Early morning fresh juice and ride to the local trails of Oaxaca City: San Felipe, Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, Cerro del Fortín
  • 12:00 Brunch at the market
  • Free time
  • 16:00 Visit to Monte Albán by mountain bike* + 1 sunset trail Dinner 
  • Sleep in Oaxaca

Today is another day of Epix, guests will discover the wondrous and seemingly never-ending singletrack trail, Mil Rios. Mil Rios is the holy grail of Oaxaca Mountain Biking and is an 8-mile long trail with over 4,000 feet of descent and will keep even the best riders on their toes! This trail features a tunnel like downhill that zooms its way down the natural water canals that have developed over hundreds of years of erosion from the rainy season, and is full of alternative lines, sides hits, natural features and all-around good times!! Guests will then finish their day with a long lunch in the famous town of Tule.

  • Distance: 12 km /  8 miles 
  • Ascent 125 m / 350 ft 
  • Descent 1300 m / 4,200ft 
  • Lodging: Hotel in Oaxaca
  • Food included: B, L, D, Snacks

Etla or Ixtepeji Trails. The clients will choose where they want to ride for the last day of their vacation. We like to give the clients the opportunity to ride something they have already seen and ridden, allowing them to conquer a certain line, hit that one favorite jump and continue to enjoy themselves fully on the last day of their Oaxaca bike trip.

  • Distance: Up to the Clients 
  • Ascent: Up to the Clients
  • Descent Up to the Clients 
  • Lodging: Hotel in Oaxaca
  • Food included: B, L, D, Snacks


2Wheel’s team will help break down bikes and get folks to the Airport for their departure home!

Departure Day. 2Wheel Epix staff will say its good byes and drop of the clients at the airport. 

mounatin bike tour mexico


Our Mountain Bike Tour Mexico is built for intermediate to advanced riders. The mountain trails in Oaxaca are a mountain bike dream come true, fast, flowy, moderate tech and littered with natural features; the Oaxaca trails are deep canals that mimic bobsled tracks and make bikers feel like they are in star wars (seriously). Bikers can expect to ride roots, rock gardens, drops, jumps and steeper sections, but the majority of the trails are flowy and handbuilt for biking. 

The mtb trails in Oaxaca are very friendly for intermediate riders and can be ridden at the pace of any mountain biker, also their is a large diversity of easy to difficult trails, so no matter if you are just looking for a nice flowy rides or trying to get hardcore, Oaxaca has the mtb trails for you!


What’s included in your trip price:

  • 5 Days of fantastic singletrack mountain biking
  • 7 nights of accomodation
  • Airport shuttle and all ground transportation.
  • All Breakfast and lunch, 3 dinners, and ride snacks.
  • Shuttle vehicles, drivers, guides and entrance fees into national parks for all ride days
  • 24-hour attention and support
  • Experienced, local, and bilingual guides on days of riding and for cultural activities as well.
  • Full guided tour of Mezcal distillery of the astounding Monte Alban Ruins (including entrance fee).
  •  2Wheels bike jersey.

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Trip insurance
  • Mountain Bike Gear.
  • Tips to Guides (suggested 5%-15% of trip cost)
  • Bike rental (if needed)
  • Items not listed in the “included” list.


Trip Details:

  • 8-day trip, 5 days of riding.
  • 3 different riding locations (Ixtepeji, Etla, Oaxaca City proper)
  • 2 different Hotels ( 2 nights Cabañas and 5 nights in a Hotel)
  • Will ride over 60 miles and over 35,000 vertical feet of descent
  • Experience all aspects of the Oaxacan Culture, the food, the art the people and of course the biking!
  • All meals included with mix of Gourmet restaurants to the homes of locals, but all very safe and delicious!

Bike Riding:

  • Shuttle rides with average of 3,000ft of descent and 750ft of ascent per trail.
  • Guest will ride an average of 7,000ft of descent and 13mi a day.
  • Trails are old single-track agriculture routes and hand built trails.
  • Flowy sections, rock gardens, steeps, long ridges, small climbs and big descents
  • Mix of softer humid loam and desert type dirt.

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