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When mountain bikers think of Mexico they immediately think about tacos, cheap beers, van ridden beaches and cocaine cartels, but they don’t ever think about Oaxaca Mountain Bike Expeditions. People don’t ever think about the fact that Mexico’s tallest mountain is almost bigger than Mount Whitney in California, and that Mexico holds some of North America’s most diverse forests, mountains and geographical features. So, when international mountain bike tour operators, Coyote Aventura’s and 2Wheel Epix, decided to team up to create Mexico’s best Mountain Bike Trip they had knew that the best place for it would be the Sierra Madre Mountains and the pristine beaches of Oaxaca. That is where they would host their Bike to Beach Oaxaca Mountain Bike Expedition.

         Oaxaca city is a mountain bike paradise, full of delicious food, friendly people, epic single track and lots of descent. However, there is so much more to Oaxaca than just biking, and that is why this Bike to Beach Oaxaca mtb expedition includes all of the best aspects of Oaxaca. Let’s dive into a typical day on this Oaxaca mountain bike expedition.

Awake to a cool breeze blowing through your hotel room, the smell of green chili, fresh tortillas and coffee makes its way into your senses as you slip on your bike shorts and decide to think about what new sights you will see today. Your new best friends are downstairs waiting for you, and your fellow riders to load up bikes and head to the magical mountain bike park of Ixtepeji. On your way to Mexico’s most fun single-track you might grab an extra tamale or maybe an iced down sweet coconut water just to give you that extra punch on the trail. As you sip fresh coconut water you are dreaming about that one berm you are going to rail again or that one steep section you want to conquer, everyone is all smiles, and the vibe is bike positive as the car keeps winding its way up and up to the dreamy Oaxacan single-track trails. Before you know it you are back with your bike in between your legs and you are floating through the Ixtepeji bike park, the native pines are shining in the sunlight, the moss-covered madronas caress the side of the trail and guide you down the hand cut single-track. Back to the top, ride again, fresh fruit from the market, a pocket taco from your new favorite taco lady, ride, rinse, repeat, smile, bike, jump, laugh; we know it’s a lot of happiness to contain in one body! You then realize that you have reached the pinnacle of life and on this bike to beach Oaxaca Mountain Bike Expedition, you get to do this for 5 days… You are going to want to come well rested on this Mexico Bike Trip, but that is just the beginning.

        After the biking sections of your Mexico mtb trip you will then jet over to some of Mexico’s best beaches in the small town of Mazunte to relax, snorkel, deep sea fish, see whales, eat and drink on the beach and live your best beach life. You will have to take long walks on deserted beaches as the sun sets, which will then reveal the bioluminescent plankton that illuminates the waves with bright green flashes as they crash into the water. Each morning will only bring more delectable food, surf waves, swimming lessons with turtles and huge sighs of relief as you continue to convince yourself that going on this mtb trip was the best thing you have ever done for yourself.


This mountain bike trip offers clients the perfect mix of action-packed cultural stimulation in the city of Oaxacan and then caps it off with just the right number of days to decompress and lose yourself on the beach. 

Overall this trip will cleanse your soul, feed your need for adrenaline, give you a look into one of the world’s most diverse cultures and produce a lot of smiles. So look no more and contact Coyote Aventuras or 2 Wheel Epix to get you Oaxaca Mountain Bike Expeditions planned! 


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Our fitness levels will start at a 1, but that is a 1 for mountain bikers that are active, workout regularly and are outdoors people or athletes.

Level 1: 

  • You exercise at least 1-2 days a week regularly
  • When you bike you bike for an average of 1-2 hours and sometimes have longer riding days.
  • You have the ability to climb at least 600 feet without walking or getting too tired.
  • Do not get over fatigued after only an hour of exercise.

Level 2:

  • Exercise 2-3 times a week regularly.
  • Bike for 3-4 hours on an average ride day
  • Can ride for 1-2 hours without stopping and getting too tired
  • Enjoy being on the trail for 4-6 hours with snack breaks, photos and rest breaks.

Level 3

  • Exercise 3-5 times a week regularly.
  • Bike for 3-4 hours on an average ride day
  • Can ride 2-3 hours with only stopping for a quick snack or rest break.
  • Enjoy being on the trail all day and enjoy long missions that are physically demanding.

Level 4

  • Exercise 5+ days a week regularly.
  • Bike 3-4 hours on an average ride day.
  • Can ride multiple hours without stopping
  • Look forward to all day rides that are very physically demanding.

Skill Levels


  • Intermediate riders have been riding at least 2 years and are confident on their bike. 
  • Own their own bike and ride 2-3 times a week. 
  • Are beginning to ride longer, steeper trails and more obstacles. 
  • Feel comfortable on singletrack trails.
  • Ride at your own pace, do not tackle all obstacles, and do not do jumps or drops.

On our trips Intermediate riders will generally push themselves outside of their comfort zone and will leave their mountain bike vacation a better rider. These mountain bike trips are a perfect way for intermediate riders to step up their riding in a safe and controlled environment, with a guide that will help them on every step along the way. 

Intermediate +:

  • Intermediate + riders have been riding for 3+ years, are very confident on their bike. 
  • Ride 3-5 times a week 
  • Are riding most obstacles (rock gardens, roots, steeper sections, small drops and jumps) 
  • Feel very comfortable on singletrack, and prefer singletrack.
  • Enjoy both climbing and descending. 
  • Are ready to take on new terrain geographies and test their skills. 

These mountain bike holidays are a perfect way for intermediate + riders to push their limits, continue progressing their riding level, and is an opportunity for them to get outside of their local riding areas and see what mountain bike gems are out there. 


  • Advanced riders live to mountain bike. 
  • Ride 4-6 days a week and live for epic singletrack trails.
  • Feel comfortable on singletrack, freerides and any trail type. 
  • Are always looking for new jumps, freerides, rock gardens, steeps, and obstacles. 
  • Dream of riding new and exotic terrain
  • Are comfortable with exposure.

Advanced riders charge into any obstacle with a huge and grin on their face. These trips are perfect for advanced riders to expand their riding portfolio, ride new geographies and become part of the international bike community.