Terms and Conditions

2Wheel Epix

Use of 2Wheel services constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions are put in place to protect 2Wheel Epix Business your wellbeing, the wellbeing of people associated in this service and the wellbeing of your belongings.

  • Clients of 2Wheels will act in a respectful manner and behave appropriately  when dealing with 2Wheel Staff, representatives of 2Wheel staff, other 2Wheel clients and all people in the country of operation. A respectful manner is described as: clients will not act belligerent, not disrespect anyone (the person, their belongings, culture, space), will listen to 2Wheel staff when instructed at all times, will not bother other clients (with inappropriate comments, loudness, drug abuse, recklessness, or lack of self-care) will not harm or sexuall assualt any other clients and must behave in an appropriate manner at all times of the trip. 
  • 2Wheels reserves the right to remove any client from the trip if they are acting in any of the ways described above or is putting the group at risk of not completing its objectives, without a refund and at the cost of the client.
  • 2Wheels does not condone the use of drugs or alcohol, clients are not allowed to consume drugs or alcohol before they ride their bike and get on the trail. Furthermore 2Wheel Staff is not responsible for any accident that occurs to a client if their is any knowledge or suspicion that the client has consumed drugs or alcohol before or during the time of the accident.

You are required to pay a non-refundable $500.00 dollar initial deposit to reserve your booking, clients must then pay the remaining amount of their $1000.00 deposit 60 days before their trip start date; if the booking is made within 60 days of the trip start date the full $1000.00 is owned at that the time of booking.

Clients then must pay the rest of their balance in the form that 2Wheels requests, card payment or a cash payment. Once you have paid the $500.00 dollar initial deposit they will receive a booking confirmation, but your trip is not fully confirmed until you have paid the full $1000.00 deposit. If any of the information on the booking is incorrect then clients must inform 2Wheels at most 30 days after the confirmation was received, if the issue is not brought to our attention within those 30 days and nothing can be configured then 2Wheels is not responsible to refund any of the money paid over the $500.00 non-refundable payment.

If 2Wheel Epix is forced to cancel a trip then clients are owned the amount of money they have paid over the non-refundable $500.00 initial deposit. That $500.00 initial deposit will not be refundable but valid for life as a deposit. If 2Wheels has to cancel a trip while the trip is happening then 2Wheels will refund the client $200.00 per day for the amount of days that they will be missing (if the trip is cancelled on day 5 of 10, then clients will receive $1000.00). 2Wheels will also take responsibility for planning transportation for guests to return to their home country, but will not take responsibility for planning transportation for guests to continue traveling.

If a client cancels a trip 60 days before their trip then they will be refunded the amount of money they have paid over their $500.00 non refundable deposit. If they cancel their trip within 60 days of their trip they will be refunded the amount of money they have paid over the $1000.00 deposit. Regardless of when the client cancels their $500.00 deposit will be valid for life as a deposit.

When a client signs up for a 2Wheel Epix trip they assume all risks associated with mountain biking and international travel. They assume all risks including injuries caused from/by mountain biking, walking on the bike trail, transportation, food consumption, alcohol consumption and any act of god. They also assume the possibilities of damage to their bike, bike bag, physical damage to belongings, acts of god that damage belongings, and any risk to their personal belongings that is associated with extreme sports and international travel.


Disability and Medical Problems: If any client has any disabilities or medical problems the client must disclose their disability or medical problem to 2Wheels before the start of their trip date. 2Wheel Epix will not be liable for any issues that arise from a disability or medical problem that was not disclosed. Furthermore, if the trip is put at jeopardy of being canceled, postponed or altered due to a clients disability or medical problem that was not disclosed, that client is responsible for any costs or damages to the trip.

The responsibilities to our clients are:

  • Offering our client the product that was described on our website or on the pdf they received. 
  • Assure that our contracted businesses supply the product and actions that were defined in our website or pdf
  • Assuring that our clients are happy and satisfied with the product from the trip start date to the trip end date. 
  •  2Wheel Epix is not responsible for clients being physically harmed or client’s belongings being damaged at any point of the trip, on or off the trail. Regardless if the client is with a 2Wheel Staff or not, 2Wheels claims no liability for any damages that arise from the use of 2Wheel services.
  • 2Wheel’s staff will be responsible assisting clients in an emergency situation in the form of remote medical care, described as being an hour from definitive care. Taking them to a clinic or hospital if deemed necessary by 2Wheel staff, or to remove a client from a situation on or off the trail. After the client has been taken to definitive care they are no longer the responsibility of 2Wheel Epix. 

When on the trail clients will not go ahead of the lead guide, they will not ride without a guide, they will not ride an obstacle (jump, drop, feature, wallride, rock garden, steep part or technical part) without scouting the obstacle first. On the trail clients will respect plant life, wildlife, domesticated animals, private and public property. They will not damage or harm any of the entities listed above while on the trail. Clients are not allowed to ride trails without a guide and if they choose to ride without a guide 2Wheel Epix is not responsible for anything that happens to the client or their equipment while riding without a guide.

2Wheel is not responsible for any losses, damages, or theft to your bike, your big bag, your bike gear, or any of your personal belongings.

It is your responsibility to assure that all of your travel documents, including visas, passports, vaccinations, or any paperwork that is required to travel to your destination is completed and valid. Your passport cannot expire in less than 6 months throughout your entire trip. Also if any of the information that we receive and resend to you about your travel documents is incorrect, you must inform us of the inaccuracies before your trip start date. If we make a mistake and are not informed of the mistake we made, we are not responsible for damages to your trip that may occur from the misinformation.

Our mountain bike trips are composed of variable moving parts and guests must understand that our itineraries represent what we hope to accomplish on your trip. However, it must be understood that we might have to change our route, itinerary, amenity, transportation, trail or schedule without prior notice due to an unexpected circumstance or variable. 

You give 2Wheels the right to have to change our itinerary on your trip due to forces that are outside of our control, albeit weather, injury, political insecurity, risk of injury or damage, or acts of god. Any costs that arise from an itinerary change are the clients responsibility and 2Wheels will not be responsible for extra costs incurred. 2Wheel will do all in its power to ensure to inform clients in advance of any variables, but it is always possible that 2Wheels will have to cancel, modify or postpone a trip due to natural disasters, political instability or a force outside our control.

Travel insurance is mandatory for all 2Wheel Trips. Travel insurance must be purchased for the dates of your trip and must cover personal accidents, death, medical expenses, and travel costs; we also highly recommend trip cancelation, flight, and personal baggage liability. If you take a 2Wheel trip and do not buy adequate trip insurance, 2Wheel Epix is not responsible for any costs incurred through insufficient trip insurance, especially when there was the option to purchase a better coverage plan.

Each 2Wheel’s trip is led by a 2Wheel trip leader, guide, or representative. They have the final say on any group decision that pertains to the safety, wellbeing and efficiency of the trip. If a client is unruly and chooses to not listen to the trip leader, guide or representative then 2Wheels reserves the right to remove that person from the group at the cost of that person. 2Wheels is not responsible for any of the costs associated with their removal from the trip or for planning their transportation out of the country where the trip takes place.

We will not give your personal information to any person, business or entity that is not involved in the trip. However, you do give us the right to share the personal information you have given us with any person, business or entity that needs that information in order to properly execute the trip.

2Wheel contracts out many other businesses during each trip, and these businesses have their own terms and conditions, our clients are required to adhere to their terms and conditions of those separate businesses that 2Wheel contracts as well.

2Wheel Epix is a United States based company and therefore all legal disputes will be resolved under United States law. Both parties must submit to the jurisdiction of the United States of America. 

If a 2Wheel client decides to take legal action against 2Wheel Epix in any form, that client must pay for all of 2Wheel’s lawyer fees, court fees, opportunity losses due to lawsuit, and any costs associated with the lawsuit against 2Wheels.

Clients release their right for 2Wheels to use any of the photos that are taken of the client by our guides, other clients and professional photographers that are hired by 2Wheel Epix. These photos may be used on our website, social media platforms, emails, newsletters and any 2Wheel marketing material.

If a client has a complaint that they would like to file for a refund or credit they must submit the complaint to 2Wheel Epix within 30 days of the incident date. If the complaint is not submitted within that time frame then there is no possibility of receiving a refund or credit from 2Wheel Epix