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Mountain Bike Tours Around The World

Unforgettable Mountain Bike Tours. Connecting you with the mountain bike communities of the world.

Life-Changing Mountain Bike Tours

2Wheel Epix provides mountain bikers with life-changing tours around the world. Discover endless singletrack trails, connect with local culture and people, and experience the power of mountain biking around the world. It is our goal to not only change the lives of our clients, but to help bring resources and stimulation to the local economies where we operate. Let us handle the logistics, so you can have a hassle-free adventure. All you have to do is sign up for a 2Wheel Epix Mountain bike tour, arrive, and let us turn your mountain bike dream into a mountain bike reality!

Mountain Bike Tours Around The World

Our Most Popular Mountain Bike Tours

mexico mountain bike tour

Mexico: 6 Day Oaxaca Tour

This Guided Mountain Bike Tour Mexico is what we consider to be the perfect mountain bike vacation! The ideal mix of delectable food, epic enduro mountain biking, relaxation, culture and pure enjoyment in the mountain bike heaven that is Oaxaca.

$1,995/ per person

ecuador mountain bike tour

Ecuador: 10 Day MTB Adventure

Ecuador boasts the largest descents in the world (average of 2,000 meters), volcanic free rides at 4,000 meters of elevation, jungle descents through cocoa and banana plantations, and mountain biking trails that were formed by the fingers of a mountain bike god!

$2,395 / per person

Word from 2Wheel’s Founder

mtb tour operatour

“We are extremely passionate about connecting the mountain bike communities of the world to uncover the most outstanding singletrack trails in a socially responsible and eco-friendly way.

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with safe, well-organized and unforgettable mountain bike tours; 2Wheel epix has spent years developing mountain bike trips that allow our clients to ride the mtb trails of their dreams, discover new cultures, explore exotic geographies and most importantly feel safe and sound from the moment they land to the moment they take off.”

– Tony Martin, Founder